Christos Amvazas was born in Thessaloniki in 1945. He does not hold any degree in Philosophy or Philology .

The only degree he holds is that of Electrical Engineer that is totally unrelated to his writing activity.

His work was the design and manufacture of automation systems for the industry. He has excelled in this area.

The worldwide Industries that were set up from him, and which operate and produce until now are far from few.

Due to his profession, he traveled to many countries.

Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Middle East, and other regions of the globe. All from the above are arguing over "who hosted him for more days", but Greece, his homeland, is the winner, since Greece was not deprived from his technical services.

Overflowed with impressions, images and experiences, he began writing, about ten years ago, to cover his personal expression needs.


His books are written in plain language, comprehensible and addressed to a wide readership. In the audience of the average reader.

His works have received good reviews from artists, art critics and writers

He is a member of the «Writers' Union of Northern Greece».

Some of his books have been published by PIGI publications and are available in major bookstores (IANOS-POLITIA-PROTOPORIA-BOOKPLUSPUBLIC).

His books in electronic version are available for free.

He lives with his family in Thessaloniki. Ηe is the father of two children.